• Taking out Concrete Cores for Tests
  • The Equipment

Equipment Core Drill Machine of Make ‘Xtra Power’ was used for this purpose. It is a powerful yet portable core drilling system, which can be carriedeasily to the field. This machine can be used to take core samples through the entire depth of slab. It creates minimal vibrations and causes almost nodisturbance to the in situ concrete.

The diamond core bit used was of 50mm inner diameter X 430 mm length. The equipment has been shown in adjacent 

  • Procedure

Various components of the core drill machine are assembled together and fixed on the location earmarked for taking out core sample. There is provision for using water while cutting the concrete using diamond core bit to avoid any vibrations and keep the heat nominal. The diamond core bit can cut the concrete to a depth equivalent to its length. Once the core sample is obtained both of its ends are cut & leveled then it is placed in the Concrete Test Machine (Fig. F) and tested for compressive strength by following the procedure as per IS: 516 -1959.

Core Compression Test