1. Rebar Locator Test By Hilti PS 300
  • The Equipment
  • Verification and analysis for 1st layer rebar
  • Checking concrete cover over large areas for structural repair work
  • Building acceptance inspections and quality control
  • Generation of structural assessment reports including statistics and visual presentation in 2D/3D views of areas
  • Integrated display provides rebar layout visuals in top view and sectional view for on-the-spot structural analysis
  • Smart algorithm helps accurate depth measurements for rebar
  • Wide sensor area enables quick and easy scan over large areas
  • Record scan data for documentation and structural analysis

2.ZBL 660 Equipment

The equipment used to detect the cover and rebar diameter was R660 HIGH PERFORMANCE INTEGRATED REBAR DETECTOR

The R660 Integrated Rebar Detector is one of the most powerful and advanced rebar detectors ideal for large construction or retrofit jobs based on following key features:

Ÿ A unique 4 wheel design probe with built in encoder

Ÿ Multi coil technology that allows rebar position to be located in real time accurately and fast.

Ÿ Multi-gear stirrup spacing correction function to enable more accurate measurement of cover thickness

  • Procedure

When Power Button switch on then rebar locator can be selected for rebar test and then five different ways are display on the screen of the equipment. So we can select any one of them as per our requirement of testing. Now place the equipment over the RCC structure and scan can be started .After scanning completed data can be stored in the device automatically. The same process repeated wherever we want scan for rebar location, diameter and reinforcement cover.